Who We Are

  • To Know and Support Living Artists

    To Know and Support Living Artists

    Sidel & McElwreath is an art consultancy supporting a community of artists and collectors.  We are a platform to educate the public by playing a unique role as the storyteller for living artists, as well as full-service advisors to our clients. We showcase a curated selection of artists’ work in our viewing rooms, in addition to exhibiting semi-annually in Manhattan.  As artists and collectors develop alternative ways of experiencing art, Sidel & McElwreath will expand the traditional systems in which art is interpreted and invested in, all while tailoring its services to fit individual client’s needs.



  • Emily McElwreath











    Co-founder of Sidel & McElwreath, Emily is equipped with over fifteen years of experience as an independent curator and art educator; she also boasts a background in sales. Thanks to her time as Director of Communication and Education at the Brant Foundation Art Study Center, Emily demonstrates the unique ability to understand the art world from both the point of view of the artist and the audience. This skill is continually perfected through extensive involvement in art education: throughout her career, Emily has organized multiple programs, lectures, and panels, featuring distinguished artists, on university campuses. In addition, Emily has had the opportunity to share her expertise with students of Sotheby's Education as a guest lecturer. With an MA from Purchase College in Art History with a Concentration in Contemporary Art Criticism and an Art Business Certification from Christie's Education, Emily McElwreath possesses diverse, real-world experience and formal academic training. As a result, Sidel & McElwreath clients benefit from her capacity to interpret the art market from multiple perspectives.

  • Evan Pepper

    Art has been a longstanding passion for Evan, guiding her professional life for many years. She draws experience from her time working at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Public Art Fund, as well as with artist David Salle. In addition, Evan successfully assisted a prominent private collector during the initial stages of his collection. Outside of the art world, Evan has held roles in the design and marketing departments of two major fashion labels – Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren. She also spent ten years at Condé Nast. Equipped with a degree in Art History from Middlebury College, Evan has an eye for art that has already helped build impressive contemporary collections. Sidel & McElwreath clients can trust Evan to draw on her diverse wealth of knowledge in order to meet the individual needs of every collector.